Thursday, 1 September 2016

Excellence Blog Post #7 Drum Lessons - Can Do

This week at drum lessons I just practiced the song that I am learning to play. The beat that I have to learn isn't just on the strum this time and it is including all of the parts of the drum kit instead of just two parts at the front. I also started to get better at my accents which is when you hit the cymbal hard and then you lightly hit the middle of it but the difficult part of accents is that you have to put it into a beat and when you put in into a fast beat then it is very easy to get confused.

The learner quality that I showed at Drum lessons was active thinking because when he was working with the other student in the room I showed Active Thinking by knowing that I shouldn't interrupt him.

I showed leadership at my Drum Lessons by when the other student didn't know the beat I helped him by showing him how to play it by slowing down.

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