Saturday, 20 May 2017

Drums - Excellence Blog Post #2

This week at drums I started to learn different songs E.G Cant stop the feeling, Justin Timberlake. I mostly just practice the songs that I am suppose to learn in time for my band practice. Every week I go over all the different beats and songs ive learnt so i dont forget them and then I usually learn a new beat.

I showed Excellence while I was at my drum lesson by making sure that I don't forget any of the beats and making sure that i practice my drum beat for the band.

I showed leadership at my drum lesson this week by using my inisitive and practicing all the songs and drum beats that I needed too.

Preparing For The Big Dodge Ball Game - Excellence Blog Post #1

This week me and me kowhai house captain partner, Sophie, are crating a document on google docs preparing for a big dodge ball game we are Running for the Kowhai house and we also might be making it against the other houses but we have to discuss that with them first. I think that all of the house captains are going to have a meeting with each other to see if we are going to do a dodge ball game with everyone or just the one house.

I showed Active Thinking while making this document with Sophie by making sure to discuss whatever we were writing with the other house captains just incase they were doing their game on the same day or if they were going to organized the same game.

I showed Leadership while doing this by sharing ideas and being creative with the different game choices.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

40 book challenge - 13 reasons why.

This story is about a 16 year old girl who commits suicide and creates 13 tapes to give to the 13 people who are the reasons why she killed herself. There is a boy named clay who is not a very popular person and doesn't have many friends except for her and did nothing to her what so ever and the entire book is about clay trying to find his tape and going to all these different locations to try and find out what everybody did to deserve to be on one on the 13 tapes. But when it comes to clay's tape he finds out the reason why hes the person on the last tape...

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