Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Excellence Blog Post #8 Peer Mediation - Can Do

This week for my Perr Mediation I was on a Monday so I got to do my duty unlike a lot of other people because we had a sports vent named Koru Games. This week we got a very serious problem that we could only solve until it went too far. Th problem was a couple year 7's made a bet with each other for $50 and of course someone won the bet and the other person didn't want to pay them that much money because they thourght that they were going to win when they didn't.

The Leadership qualities that I showed on my Peer Mediation duty this week were Active Thinking and Respect because I used Active Thinking by knowing when to tell the teacher when it went too far and I also used Respect by telling them the rules since we are thesameageso they probably thourght thatcher didn't recto follow thermos and that they could just talk.

I showed leadership on my Peer Mediation duty this week by knowing when to tell a teacher about the problem when it started to get a little too out of hand.

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