Monday, 29 August 2016

The Hydraulic Cycle

This is my information report About the Water Cycle/ Hydraulic Water ...

The Water Cycle is a process where the water in the air and ground gets recycled over and over again so there is never new water, It also can go through different stages which is common to what we will be talking about today.

Evaporation is when the heat from the sun shines on the water which happens to make the water rise from the lakes and rivers. As the water is rising up to the sky it merges with all the dust in the air and that's how clouds are formed. Also on hot days in summer usually, there is a good chance that a few days after it will rain really hard because once the clouds fill up with all the water vapor that goes into the clouds, the clouds get too heavy and then all the water will drop. Fun Fact: When the water vapor turns into gas it is called “Humidity” which is just moist air. After the water turns into gas the Condensation/Precipitation starts to make it rain.

Condensation/Precipitation is when the gas that is in the clouds turn back into water inside the clouds and then it starts to rain and make everything foggy and wet so it makes small droplets on all the windows when it gets a little sunny. Fun Fact: Even though most of the time you can't see it, there is always water in the air and they are little droplets called water particles. Also Condensation is the stuff that makes the air moist and when all the condensation is out of the air it is time for runoff and groundwater when the water shall fall.

Runoff/Groundwater is when the water either runs on top of the land and falls into the ocean or a lake and groundwater is when the water is sinking into to ground and then slowly goes into the ocean or lake. With Runoff the water can sink into the ground and once the ground and dirt gets too wet and moist and the dirt is filled up will water the water starts running on top on the land.

To wrap it up, I hope that you now know a few facts about the water/hydraulic cycle, (lets recap our story shall we). So there is no start or finish to the water cycle as far as we know at the moment, there are five steps of the water cycle [ Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Runoff and Groundwater]. And that's practically all you need to know about the water cycle.

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