Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Excellence Blog Post #5 Drum Lessons - Can Do

This week I found out that the song that I was playing on the Drums was "In The Summertime" By Thirsty Merc. The reason I got that song is because it is at the difficult level that i'm at, at the moment. I also learn't about accents a little more ( Accents are when you use the flat wood on the drum stick to strike the simble and then straight after that you hit it again but with the very top on the drum stick quite lightly to add affect).

The learner quality that I showed at my drum lesson was Active thinking because even though in some areas I couldn't really do it the what he showed me but then i just changed it to a two handed simble so I could get the beat right.

How I showed leadership in drum lessons is when I was put with a person that i just started and even though he was learning a little slower I didn't get frustrated with him, I just sat there and tried to help him get it right.

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