Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Excellence Blog Post #3 Peer Mediation - Can Do

This week for Peer Mediation I had to chance days for my duty because I had a different activate that I had to do on that date and time so I have changed to Monday at Morning Tea. On my duty we got one problem that was with these small kids in the year 1,2 and 3 area about someone wasn't hanging out with them and they wanted us to make them hang out with them, yet we didn't do to we just told her to go and play with someone else if they didn't want to play with them.

The learner quality that I showed this week was active thinking because I didn't make this kid hang out with them because she wanted her to I just told her to go find someone else to play with instead.

I showed leadership on my duty by knowing what to do when someone is wanted something that isn't necessary.

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